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Our 3 Step Program
to Internet Success!

We provide you with the tools and training, step by step, to build a successful web based business.

Step 1:
Start with an
Basic Account.

  • Choose Topic
  • Create List of Keywords
  • Learn how to build a great site
  • Build Content Rich Website
  • Set-up Domain Name

Membership Fee:

Monthly Fee:

What You Get:

  • One Domain Name Registration
  • Webpage Building Tools
  • Photo Album Tools
  • Site Search
  • 20 eMail Accounts
  • 250 MB Webspace
  • 25 GB Month Data Transfer
  • Password Protected Pages
  • Meta Tag Tools
  • EZ-HitCounter
  • EZ-Affiliate Tools
  • Training and Support

Step 2:
Upgrade to an
Business Account.

  • Build Traffic form Search Engines
  • Build Traffic from Email Marketing
  • Build Traffic form other Online Sources
  • Build Traffic from Offline Sources

Upgrade Fee:

Monthly Fee:

What You Get:

Everything in the Basic Account plus:

  • EZ-Submit
  • EZ-MailList
  • EZ-LinkTrader
  • EZ-FormBuilder
  • EZ-BulletinBoard
  • EZ-Calendar
  • EZ-Directory
  • 50 eMail Accounts
  • 350 MB Webspace
  • 35 GB Month Data Transfer
  • Additional Training and Support

Step 3:
Upgrade to an
EZ-Commerce Account.

  • Decide how to generate revenue from your site.
  • Set-up ability to take payments online.
  • Set-up Online Catalog.
  • Set-up Online Ordering.
  • Make Money!
  • Refine.
  • Make More Money!

Upgrade Fee:

Monthly Fee:

What You Get:

Everything in the Business Account plus:

  • EZ-Order
  • EZ-Catalog
  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • 3-Way Encription - Advanced SSL Security
  • Authorize.Net Integration
  • PayPal Integration
  • 200 eMail Accounts
  • 400 MB Webspace
  • 45 GB/Month Data Transfer
  • Additional Training and Support

We've help thousands of businesses and we're ready to help you start and grow your home based Internet business. Sign-up today!
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